About Me

Hello, please. My name is Chad McKenna and this is my blog. Sometimes I like to post here so people can read about my life. But mostly I don’t post here, but hopefully in the future I’ll integrate WordPress better into my workflow so I have a site to showcase my work. And by work I mean by mad-inter-tubez-hackz (aka PHP and Ruby) and my photography skillz. But whatevskiz, this blog should be pretty rad. Hope you enjoy? K.

Current Setup:

Nikon D7100 body with Nikkor 18-55 mm (F/3.5-5.6), Nikkor 50 mm (F/1.8), Nikkor 35mm (F/1.8) dx, Sigma 70-200 mm (F/2.8), and Tamron 10-24 mm (F/3.5-4.5). I’m looking to pick up a few speedlights and maybe a 28mm (F/1.8) sometime soon.

Me. At night.

Me at night. (Nikon 18-55mm, 35mm, 1/2, F/5, ISO 640 on D5000)

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