On Being Busy

I was scouring across the intertubez yesterday while procrastinating some final projects that I desperately needed to get cracking on. Its interesting how when you’re most busy is when its easiest to get the most distracted with the things you enjoy most. For me it was spending hours looking at photos of some of the most amazing landscape photographers who specialize in photographing the North-West of the U.S. of A. Some of these shots are just so incredible that it was impossible to get focused on my work. I figured I’d share a few links of what I found yesterday as well as a snapshot of what kind of punishment procrastination can have.

Chip Phillips is a professional photographer out of Spokane, WA. His pictures are astounding. I’m blown away by his talent. Check out his website at http://www.chipphillipsphotography.com/. And trust me, this is well worth your time.

Another photographer that I stumbled upon was Adrian Klein. His pictures on Montana made me so nostalgic for my Grandparents cabin up near Missoula, MT. His pictures are absolutely wonderful, I hope that one day I’ll be able to produce pictures like this. Check it: http://www.adrianklein.com/.

Also, this is what procrastinating at 4pm on Wednesday gets you:


Well, I guess its about time to get to bed...

… homework at 4am on Thursday.

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