My Drive to Work on Highway 93

I Still Exist!

I have been listening to this song a lot recently. The song is Kaili by Caribou.

I realized today that I haven’t posted in almost two months. Thats kind of a long time to be away from consistently taking and posting photographs. I can assure that I haven’t given up on photography, I just haven’t had time to post all the sweet pictures that I’ve taken over the past month and a half. I have still got to edit some photos as well as get them posted to the intertubez.

Just a little about what I’ve been up to the last two months: first, I started work for Ricoh in Boulder, CO as a software development intern and that has pretty much sucked up all of my time. Once I get back from work, the last thing I want to do is get out there and take pictures, then edit them, and then post them. Thats why they’ve just been backing up on my hard drive and SD cards. Hopefully before my last semester of school starts (August 23rd) I can get most of those pictures up. Over the past month and a half, my brother Blake got married to his lovely wife Sara and that whole wedding process has been a blast. I got a handful of shots from the wedding, so you can expect that to be up soon. I’ve also gotten a handful of beautiful pictures of my drive up to Boulder around sunrise, so you can expect a couple of those pictures. We’ll see what I can get to before school starts, but hopefully its all of my pictures. Theres a fair amount of things backlogged, so hopefully I have a couple of good pictures to share with you guys.

Anyways, to hold you over until my next post next week, here is an awesome picture.

My Drive to Work on Highway 93

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