Cleaning House

I was installing the newest version of Adobe Photoshop and I decided to give it a run on a few old HDR pictures. I also have a handful of pictures that I had from old adventures that I never posted. Enjoy the pictures.

Garden of the Gods

These next two pictures are some that I took about 2 months ago at Garden of the Gods. I was shooting with my friend Blake Buchannan ( << check out his pictures ). These next shots are both HDR.

Clouds. (HDR)

The Valley. (HDR)

Downtown Denver

These next five pictures are the non-HDR shots that I got on my little photo adventure downtown last month. I finally got around to posting these…

Convention Center Tree.

The Convention Center.

16th Street Piano.

Blake Playing Piano.

Colorful Loading Garage.

Camping on the Colorado

Right before school started, my friends Jay, Jacob, and I went camping on the Colorado River. We camped at this spot that had a 40 foot cliff drop into the river as well as natural hot springs. It was pretty legit. Here are a few pics.

Jacob getting his bur on.

Abandoned Wagoneer.

View from Camp.

Packing Out.

Well, thats that. Look for another post next week.

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