Family Trip to Hawaii

Family Trip to Hawaii

In May we got to take an incredible trip to Maui, Hawaii with Hilary’s family. They have a condo on the beach with an amazing view. This was one of the most fun weeks I’ve ever had! We did our fair share of hiking, swimming, bronzing, and exploring. Here are the pictures from the trip.

2 thoughts on “Family Trip to Hawaii

  1. Wonderful photos – you really captured some moments. I am glad it was one of the most fun weeks you’ve ever had! I grew up on this beach and remember my first visit in 1966 – I was 7 years old, and the roads in Kehei were dirt, and there was nothing beyond the Mana Kai Maui except for a primitive dirt road to many adventures (some of which we took in a rental car:)). I would love to share my memories with you sometime. Perhaps we will go back again, and explore beyond the boundaries of the ‘sheep’!

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