Oot and aboot in Canadia, eh?

This might be the most scenic and beautiful trip I’ve photographed. Hilary and I flew to Calgary, Canada to see a friend from college who was living there. We met up with Jacob and his girlfriend Carlotta and another friend from college, Kyle.

We were there in early September and we happened to catch the coolest and wettest weekend so far that fall. That didn’t stop us from exploring Banff and heading north towards Jasper. We did a little backpacking for one night and woke up to a snowy morning and I captured one of my favorite pictures of all time.


2 thoughts on “Oot and aboot in Canadia, eh?

  1. Unbelievable! I agree on that first photo – and the rest as well! In Summer 1981, we took 5 weeks to bike from Calgary to Vancouver, camping along the way. It was pouring rain when we got to Banff, so we took an extra night there, and caught a van ride up to the mouth of the Columbia River to hike around the glacier. The scenery is stunning, particularly the color of the water. Your touch with the camera is right on!

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