Our Second Day in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss

Day two of our trip in Iceland was one of the more scenic days. We started in Reykjavík and headed south towards Vík making a few stops along the way. Our first stop was at Reykjadalur to hike to the hot springs in the river, this was a beautiful hike and we absolutely loved it. After our hike, we got back on the Ring Road and kept heading south making our next stop at Seljalandsfoss. It was a really beautiful waterfall with lots of great opportunities to take pictures but we thought the best part was hiking down the path about a quarter mile to Gljúfrafoss. Gljúfrafoss is situated in a slot canyon and hardly anyone was there!

After Seljalandsfoss, we kept on towards Skógafoss for our last stop of the day. We got to Skógafoss as the sun was starting to set and not many people were there. I was even able to snap a few shots of the falls without anyone obstructing my shots, which was really cool. We also got some inside information about a really cool waterfall just down the road from Skógafoss and it is something of a local secret. This place didn’t have a name (that we were aware of, anyways) but it might have been the most beautiful of all the waterfalls we saw in Iceland. And the best part was that we had the waterfall entirely to ourselves during the couple of hours we were back there. It was really quite amazing! (The last 10 pictures were from the hike in and of the secret waterfall)


2 thoughts on “Our Second Day in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss

  1. Incredible photo composition and balance. We loved the various photos of the waterfalls and how you captured the depth and the textures. Stunning. We also loved how you are able to shoot into the sun as well as use the sun’s varied light to really enhance your photos. They are works of art. Thank you! Cathy & Barry

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