Summer Camping and Other Things

Warning: What follows is mostly dope shots of Land Cruisers with brief life-style shots mixed in.

The past two summers have been an eye opening experience, to say the least. Colorado is filled with some of the most amazing, picturesque, and serene spots in the country. It also seems you can’t go anywhere in the mountains anymore without running into a million of your closest friends. As the draw of everything Colorado has to offer brings more and more people to the state, it seems that is has become near impossible to enjoy neature in solitude. But the last two years we’ve had something we hadn’t before: our 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser (1FZ, baby!).

Colorado has hundreds of old forest service roads, fire roads, OHV trails, and roads on BLM land that are all publicly accessible. Yeah, the roads in poor shape and often require a 4WD capable vehicle (ie: it needs a low range gear box, your Subaru doesn’t count) to access them, but they are a resource few seem to be utilizing.

This summer, we’ve been on a handful of camping trips, the following shots are from three quick overnight trips. All of these spots are within a few miles of a major mountain town or a major highway. And in each instance, we’ve been the only people in the area.

Somewhere in the Mountains, CO


PS: ExtraGold Lager is Colorado’s best kept secret.


Brought the Bikes


If you’re looking for a bike rack that can also handle the abuse of wheeling, buy a 1Up bike rack.

Ten Miles Outside Popular Mountain Town, CO


One thought on “Summer Camping and Other Things

  1. It is good that you don’t say where you are! I call what you are talking about the ‘sheep’ mentality. People don’t go too far off the track from what is the common path. I found that to be true in Maui.

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